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Corporate Philosophy


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Seven Rules

  1. Initiate all thoughts and actions from the perspective of the patients We regard the presence for patients and their family who are troubled by suffering from diseases to be the source of our corporate activity, and initiate all thoughts and actions from the perspective of the patients.

  2. Lead through difficult paths Development of pharmaceutical products requires a long period of time, with a little chance of success. Selection of easy routes may be tempting; however, there is no value in roads that are easy to travel on. We will lead through the most difficult paths that no one dares to proceed through.

  3. Fall forward, rise up forward, and follow through to the end When travelling along a difficult path, we must proceed without hesitation, while maintaining resolution and determination, while enforcing risk management. When we know in advance that we are falling, we must fall forward, then rise up forward as if nothing has happened, and follow through to the end.

  4. Adhere to laws and regulations and continue to be an organization with beauty and virtue Even in the most difficult of the times, we must refuse tempting offers and easy ways out, but instead enforce compliance to laws and regulations, continuing to be an organization with beauty and virtue that values dignity and trust.

  5. Respect diversity and valuing conversation to create new values Have mutual respect for diverse values and thoughts and engage in conversation repeatedly to create a new value C from opinions A and B.

  6. Sustainability of the earth, society, and the company as the highest priority We are able to live and work because of the sustainment of the blue earth, healthy society, and reliable company. We will put forward sustainability in all aspects as the highest priority.

  7. Consider the essence and act promptly Various problems may occur and delay the daily activities; however, we must be aware of the value in time and consider the essence under all circumstances, then act promptly.

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