Corporate Information



Masafumi Kuroishi
He is the former Representative Director of Watervein Partners. He has been Outside Director of KinoPharma since 2006 and was appointed CEO in December 2010.
He has experience in launching a number of biotech companies in Japan (OncoTherapy Science, HuBit genomix, Anaeropharma Science, etc.).
JST/START program promoter. He holds an MBA.
Hiroshi Onogi
After working as a researcher of CREST and NEDO, he became a Specially-appointed Research Associate of Kurokawa Laboratory at Tokai University The Institute of Medical Sciences in 2003.
He founded KinoPharma and was appointed COO in 2005. Since then, as the Leader of R&D of KinoPharma Drug Discovery Program, he has been engaged in activities, ranging from platform technologies to development.
Kozo Eguchi
He served as CFO of Anicom Holdings, a leading pet insurance company, and played a leading role in its listing on the Mothers of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. He had been engaged in IR, new business development, and its listing on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. He was appointed CFO of KinoPharma in January 2018.
(in charge of business strategy)
Masahiro Tomoyasu
He had been engaged in drug discovery at Chugai Pharmaceutical. He changed his careers to venture capital and served as the Deputy General Manager of Lice Science at Mitsubishi UFJ Capital. He served as Outside Director of KinoPharma from 2013 to June 2015. He concurrently serves as the director of Anicom capital and KinoPharma (from January 2016). He holds a PhD.
(in charge of research planning, reliability assurance, and risk management)
Kunio Iwata
He is the former director of JT Pharmaceutical Biology Research Institute, director of Safety Research Institute, and deputy director of Exploratory Research Institute. He has an extensive experience, ranging from exploratory research to safety assessment. He has a D.Sc.
Outside Director
Yoshiaki Someya
He has been engaged in clinical development at Chugai Pharmaceutical. He was appointed as the Director of Clinical Development of Chugai Pharmaceutical in 2005. He was appointed President of Chugai Pharma Science (Beijing) in 2011 and has been served as an outside director of KinoPharma since January 2018.
Outside Director
Osamu Fujiwara
After working at Deutsche Securities and TPG Capital, he joined Japan Growth Investments Alliance as a director (present post) in 2017. He has been serving as an outside director of KinoPharma since September 2018.


Full-time Auditor
Masamichi Nishimoto
After serving as the launch director of pharmaceutical business at Japan Tabacco, he served as the first director of the pharmaceutical department. Following his resignation as executive director, he was assigned representative of Yuki Gosei Kogyo. He has been serving as a full-time auditor since April 2017.
Outside Auditor
Kakuji Mitani
After working at Momo-o, Matsuo & Namba, he studied at Colombia Law School in the US. He worked at Weil, Gotshal & Manges in NY, and has been serving as a partner of the firm. He was appointed as an auditor of KinoPharma in January 2018. He is a lawyer.
Outside Auditor
Naoko Harima
She had been engaged in corporate audits at Asahi Tax Corporation (current KPMG AZSA) and then in REITs at Japan Hotel and Resort in 2008. She has been serving as an auditor of Jeplan. She was appointed as an auditor of KinoPharma in January 2018. She is a certified public accountant.

Corporate Information