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Creation of Kinopharma

Background of our Founder

Ever since he discovered the mechanism of blood vain exaltation by TCV-3B (commercialized as an cerebral blood-flow enhancer named “Calan(vinpocetine )”) during his medical studies at Mie University, the founder Hagiwara have dedicated his research on signal transduction.
After that he has been leading the world research on signal transduction, such as the discovery of the transcription factor CREB-binding protein, at the medical department of Nagoya University and Salk Institute (California).
Kinase-targeted drugs that the company aims to develop are the fruit of Hagiwara’s research for over 30 years.

Hagiwara contributed to the development of “Eril” (commercialized by Asahi Kasei as a drug for subarachnoid hemorrhage), the first clinical drug whose major mechanism of action was the inhibition of kinase.He has also played a grand role in the development and elucidation of the mechanism of action of many other kinase inhibitors including H-7, H-8, KN62, H-89, and CKI7.

In these years Hagiwara contributed to the cutting-edge research in RNA biology by developing specific inhibitors of kinases of RNA binding proteins, such as TG003 and SRPIN340. Thus he enabled the study of regulation and mechanism of alternative splicing, and created his network of collaborators all over the world.The founder Hagiwara was former Professor at Tokyo Medical and Dental University and Visiting Professor at the University of Tokyo (now Open Innovation Center for Drug Discovery). The founder Hagiwara has received high acclaim in both national and foreign academia in the field of mRNA processingHe has contributed in the establishment of the new field “chemical biology,” and presently is President at both Japanese Society of Chemical Biology and International Chemical Biology Society.

Presently he is professor at the department of anatomy and developmental biology at Kyoto University, and vigorously pursues novel fields of research.


Foundation of Kinopharma

Kinopharma Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company that was established in 2005 April 11 in order to develop as business the clinical application of kinase inhibitors that the founder Hagiwara discovered in his academic research.As the company name suggests, kino, the general term from kinases plus pharma, pharmaceutical research, the company was established to develop clinical drugs against difficult-to-treat diseases by targeting kinases.

 Immediately after the establishment of our company in 2005, we started research and development based on the research collaboration with universities.

Taking advantage of the tacit knowledge that Hagiwara accumulated through his research on kinase inhibitors, we aim to develop clinical drugs with less side effect. We obtain the attractive seed compounds and the fruit of the cutting-edge research patented at university that Hagiwara is associated with. Through these attempts, we strive to develop therapeutic drugs that treat such diseases as viral and neurodegenerative diseases that are known to be difficult to treat.
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